Akpi Seeds 200g

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Akpi Seeds 200g


  • Akpi Seed is a spice that can be used for cooking purposes, health benefits, and for cosmetic purposes.
  • Akpi seeds can be used to add flavor many dishes for its strong, nutty flavor and is rich in proteins, oil and potassium.
  • Akpi seeds can be used against constipation, eye infections and infertility.
  • Akpi seeds can be used for breast, hips and butts enlargement
  • Akpi seeds can be used on skin for a softer, silky, firmer and younger looking skin.


Akpi Seeds, Akpi is a round, yellow-brown seed, similar to a rounded almond, produced by the djansang (Ricinodendron heudelotii) tree, which grows mainly in western Africa. It has other names in other countries, such as njangsa or essessang in Cameroon. The tree grows wild in secondary forests, although its cultivation is beginning to take hold, thanks to its ability to enrich the soil. However, its survival is threatened by the progressive reduction of forests.

Its seeds are used to prepare a traditional seasoning – also called akpi – or to make an oil with cosmetic and medicinal properties. Akpis are contained in the pit of the djansang fruit and are collected when the fruits fall to the ground, in September and October. The fruits are left on the ground until the flesh is ripe and the pits can be easily removed.

Akpi Seed, Djansang, Njangsa, Essessang African Spice for Food and Body

Akpi Seeds has proven to have so many health benefits, it’s amazing to see such great medicinal, health and cosmetic benefits from these seeds. Below are some of the benefits of Akpi Seeds and How to Use.

How do I use akpi seeds?

  1. Crush a few akpi seeds in a mortar and get a ready-to-use paste by adding a little water.
  2. Then mix the dough with shea butter and add powder or fenugreek oil. Mix properly until you get a homogeneous dough.
  3. Pour into clean plastic and keep cool
  4. Take a small amount of the cream, pass over the breasts or buttocks
  5. Gently massage the breasts or buttocks with circular movements from the bottom up to full penetration.

To firm the breasts:

  • Crush the akpi seeds and get a paste with a little water
  • Take an egg white and add to the dough
  • Take pure honey and make the mixture
  • Apply to breasts in a mask and let stand for 1 hour and rinse with cold water
  • Moisturize your breasts with a little cocoa butter or shea and fenugreek oil, all mixed together, pass over the breasts every morning

To be done at least twice a week.

Anther Akpi method for seed breast firming,

1. Blend the Akpi seed and Fenugreek seed (if you are using seed) separately and set aside in a bowl or cup The mixture of fenugreek, maca, and akpi seed will boost and cause the release of these hormones thereby causing your butt, hip and breasts to grow or enlarge.

Akpi seed is now known to develop breasts and buttocks as well as fenugreek and kigelia in a natural way.

100% natural pure akpi seeds

Here are two recipes to trigger ovulation:

Recipe 1:Purge

-Take 6 akpi seeds and 4 African peppers
-Crush them on a clean grindstone
-add heated flat water to dilute the dough
-Then refuel the purge

It will not only promote ovulation, but will also stabilize your cycle and make ovulation robust and strong. It is therefore advisable to purge yourself every night for better ovulation.

This recipe is to be made every night.

Recipe 2:Drinkable Solution

-Crush akpi and African pepper on a clean grindstone
-Use plain water to dilute the dough
-Filter and drink on an emptying
To be done continuously, until the desired result is achieved

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Akpi Seeds in Ghana


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