1ltr Weight Gain Syrup

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1ltr Weight Gain Syrup

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Fast, Active and Permanent Weight Gainer

Product from herbal succeed specially made for rapid weight gain. The syrup doesn’t make one sleep or weak. Can also be used as an appetite booster for people who can’t eat well


1ltr Weight Gain Syrup – Product from herbal succeed specially made for rapid weight gain. The syrup doesn’t make one sleep or weak. Can also be used as an appetite booster for people who can’t eat well.

1ltr Weight Gain Syrup in Ghana


The syrup is carefully made from organic products that give weight naturally in few days of constant consumption. Gives 70% of general body weight and 30% of hips and butts for ladies, and builds men. 1ltr Weight Gain Syrup
Does not make you sleep rather boosts your appetite for food and naturally gives weight.

The ingredients contained in this syrup is purely organic and works effectively aiding in rapid weight gain. Your body needs some vital nutrients to grow well, lack of these nutrients and stress will not allow your body to grow how it is supposed to grow, herbal succeed weight gain syrup is a perfect supplement to help you gain weight naturally, the syrup works effectively, you become thick and the advantage is that herbal succeed weight gain syrup build the body tissues which means that the weight you gain is permanent under hygienic and conducive health. 1ltr Weight Gain Syrup

The syrup can be taken by both men and women who wants to gain weight naturally. Women who are takes herbal succeed weight gain syrup confirms a transformation in their body shape, testifying of how they become curvy being on this weight gain syrup.

The product comes originally in 3 different sizes, that’s 500ml, 750ml and 1ltr.

How to Buy Herbal Succeed Weight Gain Syrup in Ghana

Simply contact us on 0550080976 whatsapp +233550080976 for your supplements. We do same day delivery anywhere in Ghana

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DYROO HEALTHCARE deals in supply of High-Quality Nutritional Health and Beauty Products. We are Sole Distributors of Forever Living Products in Ghana and Beyond. We want to amaze our Partners & customers to enable them stay ahead of time and smile Always. 1ltr Weight Gain Syrup
We provide you with an amazing customer care experience and best quality organic supplements that will works effectively and orient great results.
We offer unlimited products order. We can supply to any request of products you need. We have full supply chain that is always responsive and competent to meet all your demands on time. 1ltr Weight Gain Syrup
We Offer Same Day instant Delivery anywhere in Ghana, for the following locations Accra, Kumasi and Tamale delivery is just an hour. All you need is to provide accurate information about your order, we will process it on time for the very best and fast delivery.
We assure you of best quality products and services to meet all your preferences, but If something goes wrong before, after, during billing, packaging, handling and other related issues, you are to report immediately by just contacting customer service number, whatsapp or through email.
Our excellent customer care team is always working hard 24/7 to help you with better services. We are here to help you, Relax and enjoy our great services and Products. 1ltr Weight Gain Syrup


Accra Ghana, Off N1, Lapaz, in between Laspamas and Abrantie, at the first floor on top of GT Bank.

Kumasi Ghana, Off N6, Afful Nkwanta, Directly Opposite to Total Filing Station.

Tamale Ghana.

CUSTOMER CARE (+233) 0550080976 | (+233) 0550080976
Office Days:(Monday- Saturday 8am-8pm, And Sundays Only Delivery).
WhatsApp: +233550080976 | +233550080976 |  https://bit.ly/3nNbaL0
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